H2Ocean Ocean Care 紋身護理霜
H2Ocean Ocean Care 紋身護理霜
H2Ocean Ocean Care 紋身護理霜

H2Ocean Ocean Care 紋身護理霜

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Capacity 容量 :
  • Water-based (petroleum-free) 水性 (無石礦油)
  • Protective Skin Barrier 防護性皮膚屏障
  • Anti-inflammatory 消炎
  • Great for sensitive skin 敏感皮膚適用
  • Fragrance Free 無香料
  • Will not stick to skin 無殘留

Ocean Care is water based skin care that is a fragrance free and vitamin enriched lotion to moisturize and protect your new tattoo. It is designed to nourish, revitalized and hydrate your skin by providing 82 essential trace elements and minerals that keep your tattoo healthy and moisturized with each application. Ocean Care Cream is completely absorbed and it won't smudge or stick to you clothes. It will keep you tattoo hydrated while reducing scabbing and helps to preserve the appearance and quality of your new tattoo.

Ocean Care是一種水性軟膏,不含香料及富含維生素,可滋潤和保護你的新紋身。此產品含有及透過82種必需的微量元素和礦物質來滋養你的紋身。Ocean Care護理霜會完全被吸收,不會沾污或粘在衣服上,。它能有效保持紋身的水份同時減少結痂,有助於保持新紋身的外觀和質量。