H2Ocean Perfect CBD Tattoo Aftercare 紋身修復膏

H2Ocean Perfect CBD Tattoo Aftercare 紋身修復膏

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H2Ocean’s Perfect CBD Tattoo Aftercare is a premium, 100% vegan and organic glide that can be used during the tattooing healing processes. It is packed with the 82 trace elements and minerals that make our glides the best-selling on the market. It also offers temporary relief from pain and itching, and calms you without the psychoactive effects. H2Ocean has been working alongside trusted and world renowned researchers like CBD Clinic & CBD Medic to assure your Certification of Analysis. H2Ocean quality you can trust in our CBD.

H2Ocean Perfect CBD Tattoo Aftercare是優質的 100% Vegan及Organic產品。

“CBD” 是一種從大麻植物中提取的無毒成份,並已剔除導致興奮的”THC”成份,有效治癒多種疾病,並已在歐美流行多年。

此產品能在紋身癒合過程中使用。 它富含 82 種微量元素和礦物質,使此產品已成為市場上最暢銷紋身修復膏。它還可以暫時緩解疼痛和瘙癢,並在沒有精神影響的情況下使您平靜下來。

H2Ocean一直與 CBD Clinic 和 CBD Medic 等值得信賴的世界知名研究人員合作,以確保客人信賴H2Ocean的CBD質量。

Capacity 容量 :
  • Natural, Organic, Antibacterial Protectant天然有機抗菌保護劑
  • Stop bleeding FAST 快速止血
  • Absorbs FAST 吸收快
  • Soothes irritation and reduces redness 舒緩刺激並減少紅腫