H2Ocean Aquatat
H2Ocean Aquatat 紋身修復膏
H2Ocean Aquatat 紋身修復膏

H2Ocean Aquatat 紋身修復膏

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Capacity 容量 :
  • Less Irritation 不刺激
  • Faster Healing 更快癒合
  • Less Swelling 減低腫脹
  • No Cracking, no smelly mess 防止開裂及異味
  • Fragrance Free 無香料
  • No Mineral Oil or Dyes 無礦物油或染料

Aquatat is an ointment designed to effectively protect you new tattoo. Specially made for healing tattoos, this ointment serves to promote skin health with its high antioxidant content, and natural key ingredients to give you skin vitamins A, B, C, D and E while improving your skin's natural nutrient absorption. Fragrance free and made with sensitive skin in mind, it eliminated the mineral oil commonly found in other ointments and replaced it with palm seed oil for its non-clogging, rejuvenating properties. Use this pharmaceutical grade tattoo ointment and experience more vibrantly healed tattoos with minimal scabbing.